Grant County

Grant County BusServes Carson, Elgin, Huff, Flasher, and New Leipzig
To schedule rides, call the West River Transit Reservation number toll free at 1-888-682-5826.

Grant County Roundtrip Bus Fares 
Carson/Elgin to Bismarck $12.00
Flasher to Bismarck $11.00
New Leipzig to Bismarck $12.00
Huff to Bismarck $11.00
Carson to Dickinson $12.00
Elgin to Dickinson $12.00
Flasher to Dickinson $12.00
New Leipzig to Dickinson $12.00
Service from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Elgin, Carson, Flasher & New Leipzig to Bismarck Tues
Huff to Bismarck Tues
Elgin Carson, Flasher & New Leipzig to Dickinson 3rd Thurs.